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Our Grapple Isle Facebook group is a community of grapplers in Tasmania that is welcoming of all affiliations and skill levels. You can find other grapplers in Tasmania, share news and promotions, let people know about upcoming competitions, seminars and open mats, post competition results and get advice or recommendations.

Facebook group rules

1. No hate speech or bullying

Bullying or abusive behaviour of any kind won’t be tolerated. This is a friendly and safe place.

2. Be kind and courteous

Grapple Isle is all about community and enjoying that community together. We treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

3. Stick to approved topics

Approved topics include:

  • Seminars/workshops
  • Open mats
  • Events/competitions
  • Non-affiliated classes
  • Second-hand gear
  • Other martial arts classes

It’s not ok to promote club memberships, affiliated classes or private sessions.

4. No spam

When the same content is posted multiple times, it can appear as spam to other users. If you wish to remind users about a particular post, please allow sufficient time between posting.