Meet Jess Fraser

Meet Jess Fraser. A black belt training out of Vanguard BJJ in Melbourne and a true pioneer in the Australian BJJ scene.

As one of the first Australian females that have made Brazilian jiu-jitsu her life’s work, she is an outstanding BJJ athlete as well as a community leader. She continues to work tirelessly on both pursuits and changes the landscape of jiu-jitsu within Australia as a result.

Though she is an accomplished athlete (earning her black belt in a record 6 years) and is most well known as being the creator and driving force behind and leading the internationally recognised group, Australian Girls in Gi. She is fiercely proud to be the leader of this groundbreaking group which is currently, and forever will be, club and affiliate neutral.

Through AGIG, Jess has proactively worked on this goal, focusing on fostering community development and cultural change, large scale female-focused events, online and hands-on member support, and technical development camps; with great results since 2010.

Over the past 10 years, Jess has not only excelled as a competitor (representing Australia 4 times in Abu Dhabi, medalling three times in those appearances, as well as recently becoming the first and only Australian black belt to make the Top Ten Ranking on the UAEJJ) she has also worked tirelessly in her contribution to the BJJ community. She has created and managed more than 20 competitions (small to large scale), as well as running the largest female-only events currently held in the world (last attendance for the 3-day camp was 145+ women), all while moderating and managing the vast AGIG community.