Our story

What we do

Grapple Isle is a community for Tasmanian grapplers, an advocate of jiu-jitsu, ambassador of mental health and the first and only provider of specialised, trauma-informed jiu-jitsu and self-defence programs in Tasmania. 

Along with promoting and sponsoring Tasmanian martial arts events, we are continuously working to raise the profile of jiu-jitsu and increase awareness and participation in the sport on the island. 

It soon became clear that trauma-informed jiu-jitsu was not being offered in Tasmania and that it could play a key role in assisting with better mental health, trauma recovery and empowering women.

In early 2020, we launched our first specialised trauma-informed jiu-jitsu program that was designed to provide women with a solid introduction to jiu-jitsu as a sport and for self-defence. If you are interested in trauma-informed or women’s only sessions, register your interest and we’ll let you know when new sessions are released.

Above: Grapple Isle founder, Claire Hayes.

The Tasmanian jiu-jitsu community

We are an all-inclusive community and our Facebook member-only forum connects grapplers from across the state so they can engage in conversation, get advice or recommendations, share news and promotions and let people know about upcoming competitions, seminars and open mats.

The community is open to all affiliations and skill levels as well as spectators. If you would like to join our forum, head over to Facebook and request to join our closed group.

Our mission