Jiu-jitsu for women

Our sessions

Our female-only sessions have been developed to introduce women to the sport of jiu-jitsu in a non-intimidating environment and are led by an experienced female coach.

At the end of the sessions/programs, information will be provided about all local clubs you can join if you decide jiu-jitsu is right for you. This info will always be unbiased so you can explore your options and choose a club to suit your learning needs, personality and schedule.

Why women should train jiu-jitsu

  • Gain confidence and feel empowered
  • Be a positive role model for younger girls
  • It goes against gender stereotypes
  • You don’t need to be big and strong to be good at it
  • It teaches you to love your body for what it can do rather than for what it looks like
  • To be part of a community like no other

What will I learn?

  • The difference between sport jiu-jitsu and self-defence
  • The key positions used in jiu-jitsu (guards, mount, back control, etc.)
  • Positional control
  • Defence from key positions and attacks (escapes)
  • How to take an opponent to the ground (takedowns and throws)
  • How to submit your opponent on the ground (joint locks and chokes)
  • Guard passing
  • Sweeps
  • And much more

Before you arrive

Please fill out our online waiver and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What to wear

If you own a gi or have one you can borrow, wear that. If not, you can wear sports clothes.

We recommend wearing comfortable sports trousers that don’t restrict your movement and a slim-fitting top so it doesn’t get caught on anything. Wearing a rash guard is recommended if you own one.

No shoes are allowed on the mat, so all training will be barefoot.

What to bring

  • A water bottle
  • A small gym towel
  • Thongs (to wear while off the mat)


  • Changing rooms with showers and toilets
  • Free parking directly outside and on the street
  • Large mat space with air-conditioned heating and cooling