AGIG Workshop (mixed event)

access_timePublished on Aug 18, 2018

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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Hobart


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  • Female coaching from Jess Fraser, black belt
  • Gi & no-gi for all ages
  • All ages welcomed (minors must be accompanied by attending guardian)
  • All gyms and affiliations welcomed
  • Mixed event


9:30am       Doors Open
                      - Arrivals & change to training gear
                      - DIY warm up & stretches
10:00am     Intros & Group Photo
10:15am     Open Mat (all levels, all ages)

                      - Group warm up
                      - Supervised rolling - gi & no-gi
                      - Wear a rashie under your gi to train both
11:00am     BJJ | Gi
                      - Rolling with larger/stronger opponents
                      - Strategies & concepts
12:00pm     Break for Lunch
                      - BYO or head off-site DIY
1:00pm       Wrestling | No-gi
                      - Takedowns & breakfalls
                      - Q&A/troubleshooting
                      - Kids & juniors finish time 2:00pm
2:00pm       Open Mat (adult session only)
                      - Supervised rolling - Gi & No Gi
                      - Wear a rashie under your gi to train both
2:30pm       Q&A Session (adult session only)
                     Suggested discussion topics:
                      - Advice on competition preparation
                      - Strength training for BJJ
                      - Recovery strategies
                      - Injury prevention
                      - Real talk about sponsorships
                      - Finding a training/life balance
                      - Technique advice & feedback
                      - How to cope with emotions on the mats
                      - BJJ for self defence  
                      - Ideas on how to learn/take notes/study 
                      - Understanding BJJ for MMA
                      - Raising issues specific to BJJ athletes
3:00pm       End
3:15pm       Doors Close

Cost: $100+GST