START Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tasmania

About the club

Our professional programs offer a complete approach to the Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (self-defence, gi and no-gi) offering a full range of classes for children (from 4yo) and adults, as well as dedicated girl’s only programs. Our classes are headed up by our Head Coach and Third Degree Black Belt, Damus Fry and his wife, Rona Fry (Brown Belt).

Whether your goal is self-defence, to get fit, to learn new practical skills or to lose weight; you will find all of this and more in our Jiu Jitsu classes! We introduce our students to fundamental movements, principles and concepts that accelerate your understanding and promote the development of skills that are fun to learn, and reliable under pressure!

We are dedicated to providing a friendly, safe and supportive training environment that is all about helping you achieve your goals. Come and join our growing team today, make some friends and maybe even change your life!
Message us anytime to book a free trial class.

Classes Offered